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ABN Painting - Painting and staining pool decks in Phoenix.

Painting a concrete pool deck.

Many options are available when it comes to painting a pool deck.

There are different types of coating that can be applied over a concrete pool deck. We usually either paint or stain pool decks with solid color stain. We do minor repairs prior to painting or staining. The typical process of painting a pool deck includes pressure washing, cleaning for paint (cleaning and etching for the stain), fixing cracks and holes, masking and applying two coats of paint or stain.


Pool deck before painting


Pool deck after painting

Painting or staining a pool deck.

The video on the right shows preparation work, repairs matching texture on the pool deck and painting of a pool deck using Deck Over Behr paint.
The video on the left shows preparation work and applying solid color stain to a pool deck.

Staining of a pool deck: step by step process.

Staining pool deck

Repairs and painting of a pool deck step by step.

pool deck painting