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Step by step process of painting a pool deck.

There is no one correct way to paint a pool deck. There are always a few different options available when it comes to painting a concrete pool deck. One way is use an airless paint sprayer to apply the paint after the surface was prepped for painting and surfaces around the pool deck were masked off to avoid over spray. Another is to use a brush to paint all the edges and use a nine inch roller for all remaining surfaces. We prefer using a brush and a roller as some of the pool deck paints are rather thick and it could be a challenge to apply it with sprayer. For concrete pool decks some of the paints that work well include Deck Over paint sold at Home Depot, Behr solid color stain sold at Home Depot (it has a feel and look of the regular paint), H&C colortop solid color stain, or Acryla Deck with cool feel technology sold at Sherwin Williams.

Painting a concrete pool deck in 9 steps.

1. Moving gravel away from the pool deck.

To paint all the edges on the outer part of the pool deck requires the gravel to be a few inches away from the deck.

2. Pressure washing pool deck.

When the deck is clean of dust and dirt it is easy to see any cracks and missing texture on the deck that need to be fixed before applying the paint.

3. Fixing cracks and missing texture.

For fixing cracks in the concrete we usually use fast drying cement mix. To fix larger cracks in the concrete pool deck as well, as missing texture we use a putty knife to apply cement mix, and for smaller hairline cracks we use a disposable brush. After we applied cement we use a wet sponge to blend in repaired areas with the rest of the deck. Some of the pool deck require new replacement joint caps that we purchase at Leslie's Swimming Pool Supplies.


To make sure that the paint adhere properly we either clean or etch the pool deck. For cleaning we usually use TSP and for etching we use muriatic acid. The determination on whether the deck needs to be cleaned or etched depends on the coating that is used for the pool deck.

5. Masking surfaces next to the pool deck.

To insure that paint does not get on any surfaces that we do not want to get the paint on, we use twelve inch masking paper and green concrete tape to mask the areas around the pool deck. On the pool deck itself sometimes we mask joint caps if they look brand new and paint them if they look old or worn out.

6. Priming.

Most of the pool decks we work on require only minor repairs and we rarely use primer. If spot priming is needed for some of the areas that we fixed we usually use ultra-grip Dunn Edwards multi-purpose primer.

7. Brush work.

All the edges of the pool deck as well as any hard to reach areas we paint using a brush. We apply one coat of paint wait till it is dry and apply the second coat.

8. Painting with a roller.

After we done with brush work we use nine inch roller to paint any remaining areas of the pool deck. For the roller cover we most commonly use ¾ inch Nap lambskin or sheepskin roller cover for semi-rough surfaces.

9. Clean up.

We give the coating some time to dry before removing any tape or paper. If the paint is still wet during the clean-up it could transfer from the paper/tape to the surfaces that is not intended to be painted and we will have to spend extra time on removing unwanted paint from the surfaces that we were trying to keep paint free.

Examples of pool deck painting.

Painting a concrete pool deck with H&C Colortop solid color stain step by step.

Repair and painting a concrete pool deck

Painting a pool deck with H&C Colortop solid color stain.

Repair and painting a concrete pool deck

Painting a concrete pool deck with Behr solid color stain step by step: cleaning, etching, repairs, masking and painting.

Painting a concrete pool deck

Painting a pool deck with Berh Deck Over paint step by step. Installing new replacement joint caps, prep and painting.

Painting a pool deck

Using Behr solid color stain to paint concrete pool deck. Preparation and application process from start to finish.

painting concrete pool deck

Pool deck painting with Behr Deck Over paint.

Pool deck painting

Concrete pool deck painting. Matching the texture of the pool deck, crack repair, preparation and painting.

Concrete pool deck painting

Pool deck painting. Preparation work and application process.

Concrete pool deck painting