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ABN Painting - Interior house painting (unfirnished and vacant only).

We only bid on complete interiors of single family homes that are unfirnished and vacant.

Brief overview of how to paint an interior of a house.

There is no right or wrong way to start painting the interior of a home. Depending on the house painters you contract with, the process of interior painting may slightly vary. Below are some of the common interior painting steps that will not vary a lot, from one of the painting company to another:
Prep the walls
Take down window blinds, remove switch-plates and outlets.
Cover floors.
There are many options when it comes to protecting floors, and every painting contractor uses what works best for them. Floors can be covered with tarps or plastic. We usually use plastic as you can seal it tightly with the masking tape at the edges of baseboards. For hardwood floors it is better to use special thick paper, as plastic does not work here as well as it works for covering carpets and other surfaces.
Fix cracks and holes.
Repair materials will also vary from one house painter to another. We usually use Painter's All-Purpose Acrylic Latex Caulk to fix cracks and Westpac Fast Set, Setting Compounds to fix holes in the drywall.
Small nail holes and thin cracks usually do not need to be primed. Areas where mid size and large holes have been repaired will need to primed before applying coats of paint.
Sometimes it is possible to get away with one coat of paint, if exact same colors and sheen are used, however most interior painting projects will require two coats of paint, to hide properly the previous color.
Clean up.
It is better to give a couple hours for the paint to dry before attempting to remove plastic or tape. This will ensure that fresh paint will not transfer during the clean up from the plastic or tape to the carpet and other areas that not supposed to get any paint.


Interior painting Phoenix. Before image.


Interior painting Phoenix. After image.

Types of paint used.

Most commonly used paints for interior.

Flat paint covers well all imperfections but most of the flat paints are non washable. The dirt will not come off the wall and you will need to touch up or repaint the area if it gets dirty. There are washable flat paints, but they are more expensive. Flat paints are usually used on the ceilings.
Eggshell doesn't hide the imperfections that well, but it is washable. Most of the interior walls are painted with eggshell. The higher the shine the easier it is for cleaning. Flat and eggshell finish paints are very easy to work with as you can apply this paint in any direction without leaving any brush or roller marks.
Semi-gloss and gloss are harder to apply, as you may need to keep a “wet edge” in order not to leave any brush marks. Those are more expensive paints as well. They are mostly used to paint kitchens, bathrooms, trim,doors and baseboards.
The sheen may vary from one store to another. Paint that is called eggshell in the Home Depot and does not have a lot of sheen, will be with higher gloss if purchased at Dunn Edwards store.
If you ask five different painting contractors for recommendation on what sheen is better to use, you will get five different answers. There is no industry standard for the interior painting sheen application. The most common sheen combination to see in Phoenix homes are: ceilings- flat paint; walls - eggshell finish; kitchens, bathrooms, laundry, doors, trim, baseboards - semi gloss finish. If the house is a rental, it is common to see one sheen to be used throughout the house.

How to choose colors for interior painting project

Actual paint samples are vital for successful color selection.

A lot of times colors on the color pallet will look completely different from an actual sample of paint you get from the store.
People usually ask if color will look lighter or darker after paint applied on the walls and had time to dry. Sometimes it will look lighter, sometimes darker and sometimes just different.
Light is the main reason for that. Same color will look different in the sun light and electrical light. Same color will look different during different times of the day.
Paint pigments and other objects do not have the color in themselves. It is the properties of the pigment determine which wavelength it reflects to the eye and which one it absorbs. And the colors that we see is merely a length of the wave that the light reflecting from the object.
That is why after getting a general idea, looking at color scheme, which colors you like it is very important to get actual samples of paint of each color that you thinking of using, put it on the wall and make sure it is the color you want.

Kids room is where bright colors will not look out place.


Green color painting. Before image.


Green color painting. After image.

Not all interior painting contractors are good at selecting colors.

It is good to remember that even the best interior house painters may not always be the best people to ask for a color advice.

Some home owners rely heavily on a painting contractor to give them a color advice. And there are probably some house painters that have an artistic eye, and are good at selecting colors. Many of the painting contractors are probably not the best in the role of interior color advisors. If a color advice is needed Dunn Edwards paint stores have color consultants on staff, that offer their services free of charge, to anyone who needs them. A home owner can take a digital picture of the area that is being painted, bring it to one of the Dunn Edwards stores on a flesh drive, and the color consultant will play around with different colors, showing on their computer how the room will possibly look with one color scheme or another.

Interior painting in Phoenix.

Living room with an accent fire place before it was painted.

 Interior painting Phoenix AZ 1

Living room with an accent fire place after it was painted

Interior painting Phoenix AZ 2

Small bedroom before it was painted.

 Interior painting Phoenix AZ 3

Small bedroom after it was painted

Interior painting Phoenix AZ 4

Bedroom before it was painted.

 Interior painting Phoenix AZ 5

Bedroom after it was painted

Interior painting Phoenix AZ 6

Bathroom before it was painted.

 Interior painting Phoenix AZ 7

Bathroom after it was painted

Interior painting Phoenix AZ 8

Bedroom before it was painted.

 Interior painting Phoenix AZ 9

Bedroom after it was painted

Interior painting Phoenix AZ 10