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The right paint store to color match the paint

Color matching the paint: Home Depot vs Dunn Edwards.

Home Depot.
This store will take the least amount of time to get the color match done. It usually takes about ten minutes if there is no line. The main disadvantage of using Home Depot is the stuff behind the counter. Some are very knowledgeable and some have very little experience with paint. So if you are a frequent customer at Home Depot and know who of their guys have experience and who does not, Home Depot would be a safe bet for a color match. Another downside of using Home Depot is lack of quality paint. If color match is needed to be done for interior, then customer can find plenty of paint to choose from. If it is an exterior painting project, then the customer is very limited in the choice of paint. Home Depot does not carry high quality 100% acrylic paint that is essential for a quality exterior paint job in Arizona.

Home Depot pros: very fast service.
Home Depot cons: many employees working in the paint department have only very basic knowledge about paint, and lack of high quality paints.

Dunn Edwards.
Dunn Edwards paint store hires only people with a lot of experience. Many employees have been working as a painter prior to be hired at Dunn Edward's and have a lot knowledge as well as hands on experience. Working in the back of the store, mixing paint or standing behind the counter and dealing with customers every one is a professional. The downside of using Dunn Edwards paint store for a color match is a wait time. There is two types of color match that can be done at this store.

“Read and shoot”.
It is when a paint sample is scanned by the computer and the needed amount of paint is mixed right away. It is not a precise match and the color can vary quite a bit. Usually it takes from about fifteen minutes to half an hour on a slow day.

"Eye match".
It is different from “read and shoot” because after the sample is scanned by the computer only a small amount of paint is being mixed. Then the paint is compared by a person against a sample of paint brought for color match. The process is repeated if needed and all paint is mixed only after a perfect match has been achieved. An “eye match” usually takes at least a few hours, or twenty four hours if the store is busy.

Dunn Edwards pros: high quality, specialty paints and employees with a lot of experience.
Dunn Edwards cons: not the best choice if the color match is needed right away.