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    ABN Painting - we specialize in exterior house painting.
    Free exterior painting estimates
    Licensed and bonded
    ROC 240074
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    Detailed prep work
    Power washing
    Thorough masking
    Repair of cracks/holes
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    Long lasting results
    100% Acrylic exterior paints
    Shervin Williams
    Dunn Edwards

ABN Painting - House painters in Anthem AZ.

Exterior house painting in Anthem.

If you are looking for house painters in Anthem AZ give us a call for a free estimate.

If you are searching for professional and reliable painters in Anthem AZ consider getting a free estimate from our painting company. There are a few reasons why you may be interested in getting an estimate from ABN Painting:

1. Estimates are free and there is no obligation on your part.
2. For exterior painting we use high quality Shervin Williams and Dunn Edwards paints that are 100% acrylic and able to withstand hot Arizona weather.
3. We do not only painting, but most of the repairs directly related to house painting, such as stucco, drywall, and wood repair/replacement. This can benefit you by not having to look for a few different contractors and contract with one for the entire project instead.
4. Our painting company is licensed and bonded.
5. We have 2 year warranty on every exterior painting project.
6. Our painters are hardworking and experienced in all aspects of exterior house painting process.
7. Our prices are fair, if you compare them to other painting contractors that are licensed.