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ABN Painting - Exterior House Painters in Phoenix.

If you are looking for professional painters in Phoenix, call us to set up the time for an estimate. Our estimates are free, and we are available to give you written, no obligation estimate during most business days of the week. The best time to call us to schedule an appointment is 9am to 4.30 pm Monday through Friday.

There are only 4 residential painting projects we bid on:
1. complete exterior re-paints of single family homes (one story only).
2. painting of block walls around the back of the house.
3. painting of stucco walls around the back of the house.
4. painting of concrete pool decks.

Painting projects we do not bid on:
any projects other than the 4 listed above
(interiors, epoxy, staining, partial re-paints, touch ups, mobile homes or trailers of any kind, two story homes,multi-family homes, commercial).

If you would like to see our typical preparation or application process you can view our youtube videos. Click here for a complete list of all videos on our youtube channel. Click here for the playlists where the videos are sorted by a specific topic.

We offer our exterior house painting services in Phoenix metro area. If you would like to get an estimate please call us and leave a voice mail that includes: brief description of the project, your major cross streets, your name and your phone number.
Please do not hang up without leaving a voicemail. We either with a customer or busy working on a painting project and rarely answer the phone.

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Exterior House Painting

We specialize in exterior house painting.

Our exterior painting bids include all the prep work: power washing, fixing cracks and holes, scraping all loose paint by hand, thoroughly covering surfaces that are not being painted with plastic paper and tarps...

Painting of Block Walls

We paint block walls around back yard.

If you are ready to bring some color to your perimeter block walls, or refresh the color you currently have we offer free estimates for block wall painting. We paint previously painted and brand new block walls…

Pool Deck Painting

We paint concrete pool decks.

Prior to pool deck painting we pressure wash the deck, clean, etch, repair cracks, holes, missing texture, install new replacement joint caps where needed, and use Acryla Deck paint with cool feel technology…

Our Customers

What they say about our exterior house painting services.
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Our experience with ABN Painting was very positive. The response to our request for an estimate was prompt. We were able to quickly work out a mutually agreeable arrangement regarding payment since we are out-of-state owners of a rental property. The paint job was begun right away and finished on time. We highly recommend this painting company. Both the property management company and HOA said the house "looks fantastic". This has exceeded our expectations! We shall refer ABN to friends in that area who may be looking for professional painters.

- Michael H and Donna C

Thank you for all the energy and hard work you guys put into painting the exterour of our house. We will defenitely recommend you to anyone looking for reliable painters.

- Sarah M, Phoenix,AZ

Good work guys! The finished product looks great! I'll definitely be using you again on future projects. Thanks again!

- Mike Vera, Phoenix, AZ

We couldn't have asked for a better painting experience!!! The job was done thoroughly, with a lot of time and care involved in the process. We are thrilled with the results. We've already had many compliments from our neighbors and friends. Two people on our street stopped by specifically to see the work and even asked if they could set up a consultation for their own home. When others see what the hard work and obviously successful results ABN Painting does, it's hard not to stop and check it out!

- Becky Rose, Surprise, AZ

ABN Painting painted this house which is ours and they did an awesome job. We have used them on several rental and flip homes we own and they are the best! Always on time, always top quality and always trustworthy.

- Kelly Blake, Goodyear, AZ

Exterior house painting in Phoenix AZ

9 minute video of step by step prep work and exterior painting.
Exterior painting in Phoenix

This video shows painting process from start to finish: power washing, fixing cracks, spray painting and also the type of materials we use.

How Phoenix painters price their work

An abstract example of how a Phoenix painting contractor may be estimating the cost of a painting project.

There are a lot of different questions home owners ask when they are evaluating painting contractors, who give them bids to paint a house. But the question that is asked all the time is “how much?”.
This is an example of how a painting contractor would calculate a painting bid:
Take a 1500 sf house. To paint an exterior, the amount of paint needed for 2 coats on average is 15 gallons. Most of the Phoenix painting contractors buy their paint at Dunn Edwards store.
Cost of paint would be about $300 depending on discount contractor has and paint quality. This is assuming 100% acrylic paint is used. For the paint that is not 100% acrylic the cost for three five gallon buckets could be around $250.
Masking paper, tape and plastic $50.
Labor cost varies the most. But let's say there are 2 painters.
It would take about 25 hours between two professional painters to paint this house (just quality prep work and painting, no major repairs). Most of the house painters in Phoenix metro area who work for a painting company on average make about $15 an hour. 25 hours x 2 experienced house painters x $15 an hour = $750
If it is a painting company that specializes in high end homes somewhere in Scottsdale, for example, the hourly wage of house painter could easily be more than $15 an hour.
Paint $300, materials $50, labor $750
Total cost to a contractor is $1100.
This is just an abstract and simplified example to give a homeowner a general idea, that does not include the cost of running a business such as: cost of advertising, gas, vehicle maintenance, etc. Each painting company operates differently.
If the bid is too low it may be too good to be true. If it is too high it may be overpriced. That is why the price by itself should not be the decision making factor in hiring house painters. It is good to ask questions during the estimate like: what kind of paint contractor is using and how much does he buy it for? How many painters will be working on the house and what kind of experience they have? A contractor who is using quality paint and hiring professional house painters would not mind sharing it with a home owner.

Phoenix painting contractors: licensed and unlicensed.

Advantages and disadvantages using Phoenix painters that are licensed by Arizona registrar of contractors.

If a painter is unlicensed it does not mean he will do a poor job in painting your home. Hiring a house painter without a license recommended to you by a friend or neighbor may work out very well. Especially if he is not asking for any money up front. Painter without a license doesn't have to deal with getting bond, license, buying overpriced books to study for the tests necessary to get a license (this license does not have anything to do with the skills of a painter). And that is why a painting bid of someone without a license is usually less than of a licensed painting contractor. In Arizona one can operate under handyman exemption, where a person does not have to get a license if the cost of the project is under $1000.
If a home owner doesn't have anybody that can recommend a good painter and the choice is made among Phoenix house painters found in yellow pages or online, paying a little extra for a licensed painting contractor has it's benefits.
A licensed house painter can't just take a down payment for a painting project, change his phone number and never show up to do the job, because his license is on the line. Not that this scenario is absolutely impossible, but with a licensed painting contractor it is very unlikely to happen. If a painter took the time to get his license most likely he will have all the equipment necessary for the job. Power washer with high enough pressure to clean the exterior of the house properly. Sprayer to spray paint the surface that can't be painted with a roller. If any unexpected problems come up during painting process, resolve the problem instead of just walking away, leaving painting job unfinished.
If a painting contractor with a license to damage your house, you can get the money out of registrar of contractors recovery fund to pay for the damages. It covers a contractor up to $30,000 per incident. A lot of painting contractors also carry a liability insurance that can come handy if the damage is so great that it exceeds the thirty thousand dollars.
Regardless of whether you contract with a licensed or unlicensed house painter asking the basic questions can keep the home owner away from unprofessional painters.
The questions are good to ask are the following:
How long have you been in the business? How many similar painting projects have you done? What kind of prep work will be done prior to painting? How long it will take you to complete this project?
There is no right or wrong answer to any of this questions. Just listening to the answers one can usually get a good idea of how professional a painting contractor is.

Why do some Phoenix painters ask for a down payment?

Asking for some money up front is a common practice among painters, and some painting companies require a down payment when signing a painting contract.

There is no industry standard on down payment. Some house painters in Phoenix don't charge anything up front. You pay only one time when the job is completely done. Other painting contractors ask for down payment to cover the cost of paint and materials.
While many customers can appreciate house painters that don't ask for any money up front, it may not be a very good deal for a painting contractor. Nobody is immune to losing their job. And if a customer, after being laid off or simply not receiving money they expected, is facing a choice of going through with the painting contract or putting food on their table, painting a house may suddenly become of a less priority. And the contractor is stuck with custom tinted, non refundable paint.

Phoenix painting contractors who have liability insurance and the ones who don't.

Phoenix painters that carry insurance have their business better protected than the ones that don't.

Insurance in Arizona is not a requirement for painting contractors. However it is beneficial for a contractor to have one. If accident happens and a painting contractor needs to pay for the damages the insurance would cover the cost. The monthly premium would go up, but the contractor can continue doing his business as usual. If a painting contractor is licensed but not insured the homeowner can get money out of registrar of contractors recovery fund to pay for the damage to his house, but the contractor will be unable to conduct business until he pays back registrar of contractors in full.

Variables what will affect the cost of an exterior house painting project.

Square footage is not the only factor that will have an effect on the cost of exterior house painting.

Many factors will determine the cost of exterior painting:

  • One or two story house.
    Climbing up and down the ladder takes a lot of time during prep work.
  • Type of surface.
    Stucco takes the most amount of paint while brick probably the least.
  • Access to the house.
    Some houses have a lot of bushes and trees around, and it takes two people during painting, one pull the bushes away from the house, another to spray paint.
  • Repairs.
    If a house have not been painted in a while most likely it will have some cracks to be fixed and small holes to be filled. Older houses tend to have drywall that is pealing off on the ceiling of the entrance or back patio.
  • Colors.
    Usually people like the trim color to be different from the body of the house, or even more often, multiple colors is a requirement of HOA.
    Color can be changed only for the outside part of the trim and that is the easiest way to do it. If inside of the trim is same color as body, it can be spray painted without spending extra time. If home owner wants the color change starting from inside of the trim it would take extra time to mask the whole body of the house after it has been painted and dried in order not to get any paint to the surface that has just been painted.
  • Masking in general.
    Everything that is not being painted needs to be covered.
The best way to get a price is to have a painting contractor give you in home estimate when you describe exactly how you want the house to be painted and get an estimate in writing. Estimates over the phone only lead to misunderstanding and disappointment.

How long does the painting job usually last?

It will depend upon not only the quality of paint, but also the painters that are doing the work.

On exteriors it all depends on how well the preparation work is done and the type of paint is used. As far as the paint goes 100% acrylic paints are considered to be very long lasting and durable. With proper application the house may not need a paint job for another 10 years. That is of course if the house prior to be painted is power washed, loose paint is scraped, cracks are filled and holes are fixed.

Why Choose Our Exterior House Painting Services

A Few Reasons to Choose ABN Painting
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When it comes to selecting an exterior house painting contractor, homeowners located in Phoenix area have many choices. Below are some of the reasons our past customers chose us over the competitors.

  • In business since 2007, with many exterior projects completed punctually.
  • Comprehensive prep work, with 100% acrylic paints used on every exterior.
  • Competitive prices when compared to other licensed painters in Phoenix.

What We Do

We specialize in exterior house painting
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  • Pool Decks 25%
  • Block walls 25%